All functions and tricks video playlist

  • ➤ Bluetooth controlled via Android app
  • ➤ Gyroscope steering (just like a car)
  • ➤ Four tricks
  • ➤ Beautiful vector UI
  • ➤ Cost optimized PCBs for mass production


Consists from main, battery protection and servo PCBs

All BOM parts highly cost effective and vastly available from China. Even MCU has minimum 5 for now, pin to pin and firmware compatible alternatives (functional clones).


Firmware, Android App & Graphics

STM32Cube IDE C, Kotlin, Inkscape SVG



Laser cut, battery, nuts, bolts...

2/6/8mm Black and 2mm transparent PMMA sheets laser cut

Laser cut file in original SVG, can be easily exported to any machine friendly format (via Inkscape for example).