My open-source projects
can give you an idea of what I am capable of!

Top skills and experience

Embedded / C / STM32

Proficient in STM32 microcontrollers, writing clean, well-documented bare metal or HAL code. Quick to adapt to other ARM MCUs.

C++ / Qt

I build hardware related apps with C++/Qt for PC, Raspberry Pi and Android, interacting via USB, Bluetooth, & TCP/IP.

Electronics Design / KiCad

Can design schematics and PCBs, from idea to production. Experience of working with KiCad since 2011.

Vector Graphics / Inkscape

Can do vector graphics design. Quadruped UI and graphics on page "Other Projects" on this website are good examples of my work.

FreeCad / Kotlin / Other

Have some skills with Freecad and Kotlin. Good with AVR Assembler. Also know HTML/CSS enough to make this website from template.

Have 6+ years of experience of working on commercial projects. Experience of developing PC and Android apps for transformer oil quality test equipment. Software for device factory configuration and electronics production testing automation. Firmware for custom built industrial machines. Experience of Li-Ion BMS development for solar panels. Custom Raspberry PI HMI shield and software.

Hire me!

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+380 630 630 348
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